We are going to investigate earthquakes in Alaska to look for patterns.

Part 1: Collect Data

  1. Get a map and month/year from me
  2. Open a browser to the USGS Earthquake Search
  3. Fill in the following data
    1. Top Latitude = 80
    2. Bottom Latitude = 50
    3. Left Longitude = 170
    4. Right Longitude = 130
    5. For Date
      1. Start Date is the first day of the month I gave you (ask me for help if your confused)
      2. The end date is the last day of the month I gave you
    6. Magnitude
      1. Minimum = 2.5
      2. No Maximum
    7. Click Submit
  4. For each earthquake listed:
    1. Plot a point for the given latitude and longitude
    2. Label the point with the magnitude
  5. On the back calculate the average latitude, average longitude, and average intensity
  6. Plot this earthquake with a star on the front
  7. Fill in this form for each of your months
  8. Turn in your maps

Part 2: Analyze Data