There was a lot of confusion around bibliographies. So this will help you clear up some of the missing details. I actually received the bibliography below. It doesn't list actual sources, it just lists search engines and a generic page. It is important that you correctly cite your sources, it allows people to separate your ideas from those of others.

  1. Use this sheet to fill in information from three sources relating to your essay topic.
    1. Find a book on and fill in the top box
    2. Find a website, write the entire URL even if it is long. It should take me directly to the source. Fill in the middle box
    3. Find a blog or image and fill in the bottom box.
  2. When you write papers, especially in college, you will be expected to follow a standard set of rules. Teachers and professors should tell you what format to follow.
    1. The Sciences (including Social Sciences like sociology and psychology) generally usa APA style
    2. The Humanities (Drama, Literature, History, Philosophy) generally use MLA style
  3. Start Word, Type your name at the top. Go down a couple lines and type "Bibliography in APA Style".
  4. Go to the citation machine and create correct citations for your different types of resources in APA style.
  5. Copy and paste each citation into Word
  6. After you do all three, go down a couple lines and type "Bibliography in MLA Style".
  7. Change the citation website to MLA style by clicking the MLA button on the right side.
  8. Repeat your citations and copy and paste them
  9. Below your citations tell me the differences between the different types
  10. Print your work and turn it in.