Principles of Design

Inventor Setup:
  • If you don't do this everytime, your program will crash and you will loose your work
  • Start Inventor
  • Click on Application Options
  • Click on the Hardware Tab
  • Click the bubble for Compatibility
  • Click the check box for Software Graphics
  • Click OK at the bottom

31 Jan

1 Feb

7 Feb

14 Feb

02 Mar

10 Mar

30 Mar

31 Mar
  • ID8 - Part Drawings - you will use the file you made in 7
  • There are four exercises, create a drawing for each after you create the part.

02 May

08 May
  • Rocket Nose Cone - use a sketch and a revolve to create a 3D Nose cone for your rocket. the diameter of the bottom should be 21.5mm and the nose cone should be no taller than 75mm

11 May

12 May
  • ID12 - Sheet metal - OPTIONAL - Ask me for the packet if you really want to do it.

15 May

22 May
  • Final Project - Details to come